Christopher’s Enchanted Coins

Do you know Christopher? Some of you have been with him surely at some of the Inner Winner events met. For example, on the Magic Year 2014 sat on Shiva Shankar 🙂

Christopher likes the magic and offers „Enchanted Coins“. Alone in the shop exchange money in a pile of CZK 1 coins and then conjure with them.

Creates an enchanted coins, which attract more money when inserted into a wallet.


So he said to me, if I can write to „Neurorestart“ and „on the internet“. That got him to make a page to the people who believe in magic can order coins, and he is able to send them. So I write here 🙂

Who are interested in a powerful alchemy of money from a young wizard Christopher, you have the option to order the crown. For yourself or anyone you beloved.

Christopher for an enchanted coins wants „what you give“ 🙂

And people give different. For now, they gave from CZK 2 to CZK 200 (from USD 0.1 to USD 10) for one enchanted coin. The limits are only in our heads. It depends on you what value for you have Enchanted Crown.

It is up to everyone to appreciate his efforts. A little postage fits (USD 3 up to 15 enchanted coins in a bubble envelope, ordinary writing, send to US) 🙂

So who want a magic coins, fill the order and I give this to Christopher the Wizard.

I am interested in coins

Fill out the form and press button. Confirmation and information where send reward to Christopher will come via email.

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